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My name is Daniel Dravot. I'm a professional gambler. I'm on the road playing blackjack 300 days a year.

I have developed this site to give the average person some basic knowledge about the game of blackjack. Many visitors have used it to improve their game to where they are close to breaking even. I have received requests to take them to the next level: "extracting money from land based casinos"

I use a system called TKO.  It takes KO and true counts it, something that was very difficult to do until I developed my chart technique. It has never been published until now.

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Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will,
but remember it didn't work for the rabbit.  ~ R.E. Shay

In my travels I've noticed two main problems befuddling the normal player.

ONE: Playing Bad Blackjack Games.

Games that have a high house advantage. It is difficult to win if you first have to hurdle a high edge against you. In "Solution One" I give you an easy way to evaluate the game. Some are worth playing and some you have to pass.

TWO: Not Playing Perfect Basic Strategy.

This tells me that the existing methods of learning basic strategy are not effective.

In "Solution Two" I present a new and different way to learn Perfect Basic Blackjack Strategy.

Take a normal player who would select a poor game with a 1.0% house edge and play imperfect basic strategy. He ends up giving the house 3% or 4% and does not have a prayer.
With these methods you can select a game, play perfectly and give up 0.25%. You are playing so close to 50-50 that normal variance fluctuations will give you many winning sessions. With comps, coupons, cash backs and bonus money you can have hours of entertainment for much less than a dinner and movie.

The importance of basic strategy cannot be overestimated.

Mathematicians worked tirelessly in the 1950's and ran billion hand  computer simulations in the 1960's to arrive at the optimum decision matrix. Given any hand against a dealer upcard they asked what decision makes the most money or in some cases loses the least amount. Maximize wins and minimize losses. Hence basic strategy was born. Any deviation in the long run will cost you money.

Let me give you some examples: 14 vs dealer 9

On balance this hand is a loser. The strategy is to lose as little as possible. Standing, which tempts those who fear busting, will on average end up losing 54% of the amount bet. Hitting will result in a long term loss of 43% of the amount bet. Losing less is just as important as winning more. Hitting is the proper play.

16 vs dealer 6

Hitting loses 43% of the amount bet while standing loses only 15%. Standing loses less and it is the correct decision.
This type of analysis gave birth to basic strategy.

Test yourself. Once you have mastered basic strategy go to the next level: Learn Card Counting.

Play and practice for free. See how.


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