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Blackjack True Count Formula

Card Counting is easy. To get the TC (true count) just perform this equation after each dealt hand. Don't let the scantily, costumed cocktail waitress, a glaring pit boss or the babbling drunk seated beside you, disturb your concentration.


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Review/mathematical vetting:

George C (author, mathematician, blackjack guru)
You’ll be playing professionally just after reading and applying the concepts that Daniel shows in the first four chapters of the book...
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Amazon Review ("from a real-world player") This book cuts through the theoretical drudgery and gives practical advice for the player who doesn't want to wallow in the mathematical minutia, but wants to play the game!... click for complete review

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The material is the same, it comes down to how you like to learn.

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The Book

The Color of Blackjack - the book

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Card Counting - The Definitive Blackjack Course

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Also on the DVD, over one hour taken at a day long seminar. Lots of Q & A. This 7 minute excerpt shows the guys have gotten the "Hot" concept down and are learning index plays, which are variations on basic strategy when the running count puts you in the "Hot" area.  


Purchase Card Counting - The Definitive Blackjack Course

The Holy Grail of my system is the charts.

If you want to feel like Dorothy when she pulled back the curtain of the Mighty Wizard of Oz, you need the charts and possibly some ruby slippers but that's up to you. If you get the DVD you'll see a password on the opening screen, which will enable you to click below and go to a page with printable PDFs of the charts.

Username: Dravot --- Password: _________

Guess away at the password. I'm sure you have a hunch. Hey, that's the same way you've been playing blackjack, guessing and hunching. Do yourself a favor, buy the DVD. Click for charts

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Recommended reading:

"The World's Greatest Blackjack Book", by Humble and Cooper
It is an old text but it explains the Hi-Opt 1 system which I have successfully used for years.

"Professional Blackjack" by Wong

"Blackjack Attack" by Schlesinger   

"Knock-Out Blackjack" by Vancura and Fuchs


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