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Always take advantage of online casino bonus cash or match plays. It goes a long way in reducing the house edge.

The first thing you'll notice at 888Casino is the amount of games available and their very generous sign up bonus. Over 60 games are can be downloaded and for first time depositors, up to $1400 worth of welcome bonuses!

A fast download gives you the core of the PlayTech Gaming system which 888Casino uses. All the regular casino games are offered as well as some new ones and the graphics and sound make them great entertainment. Their screen play is very nicely set up. On the screen, you can check your play history by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the screen, which is very handy.

One feature which you should definitely check out is the Live Games. Players can see real dealers spinning the wheel and drawing the cards live, and the dealers and players are even able to chat in real time!

The live games that the casino has available are:
* Blackjack * Roulette * Baccarat

888Casino also offers a no download version and this allows the player to truly enjoy the Casino anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection.

24 hour support at 888Casino is by email, toll free phone and Online Chat support. For deposit methods, they do offer quite a few alternatives to credit cards including, Neteller, InstaCash, Moneybookers, Citadel, Checks, Firepay and of course Wire-transfer.

Play and practice for free.

Practice is the key to success in all fields. Several students that I have trained to become professional players all used this practice method. It simulates game-like conditions. First print out the pdf of the basic strategy chart found above and keep it by your side. Go to 888Casino. Click free download. A page of standard regulations  will appear. Read and click agree. Choose a currency. You will receive a user name and password. Save them. This all should take a minute or two. Now click on play for free. That's it. You can practice all you want at no cost. Go at the speed you are comfortable with. Leave and return whenever you desire.

Test yourself. Play 20 hands without looking at the chart. Click on history and the hands you just played will appear in a neat column. Go down the column while checking it against the chart. Not only are you learning but is great fun at no cost.

Tip of the day

Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will,
but remember it didn't work for the rabbit.  ~ R.E. Shay